Are all of your roofers licensed?

Yes, all of our roofers are licensed, have registrations and are insured for all of the work that they perform. Our roofers are continually trained and are compliant with the latest OHS practices.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, all of our work is backed by a guarantee. This varies on the work and materials used and ranges from a 1 year guarantee through to a 10 year limited guarantee.

Do you offer free inspections or quotes?

Yes. We pride ourselves in offering a timely free inspection and estimation. We can organise to meet you onsite so that we can discuss our findings with you. This also helps as we can also describe your requirements and best options available to you.

How long does it take to get an inspection?

The majority of the time we can organise an inspection the same week that we have been contacted. This does sometimes take longer depending on external factors such as the weather, where your property is located and our current work load. If we are busy we always give a realistic time frame as to when we can carry out the works.

How long does it take to get my project completed?

This varies based on many external factors such as material proximity and availability, weather, site access, and your site location. It will also depend on how many other projects are scheduled before yours. We are upfront and honest with our work load and can give you a good idea when we carry out our onsite inspection.

How much will my roof repair or replacement cost?

It is very difficult to get an idea of cost without seeing the affected area. When we provide your free inspection we can give you an accurate estimate of the options and costs involved for each of those options.

What is the process of having my roof replaced or restored?

The first step is to call us and arrange a time for us to do an onsite roof inspection and estimate for the type of works required. After we have performed our roof inspection we will give you an individualised estimation of both the time frame and cost involved. Once you have agreed on the estimation we then book a start date for your project. Once we have started your project we will continue to communicate with you right up until project completion. The final step involves the last site clean up of all left over materials and the final inspection is then carried out together with you.